The Seed of Love

Love. Love is ubiquitous.

Once upon a time there was a King who traveled from far, far away looking for his Queen to rule their kingdom together. His heart led him overseas, across mountains, and through many hills until he found the magical Kingdom of Long Beach where his Queen would be awaiting. The second they met their souls intertwined and they quickly decided to get married and spend together forever! It was not long before the Seed of Love began growing inside the Queen. One month rapidly became 9 and soon Prince River the Phoenix was born on November 12, 2016. The prince had to get checked out by the doctor and was then allowed to go home with the King. The second Prince River’s deep blue ocean eyes opened huge he conquered the King’s heart. From that day forth the King and Prince River lived a happy life filled with adventures, love, and growth! Then, the unexpected happened. When River was about 10 months old, the Queen came back and with one look at River, she too fell in love. It was the perfect little family. The King and Queen loved Prince River so much, they were both incredibly involved in his life…this would be Happily Ever After…until…

On November 26, 2017 set out to do his morning errands when he received a chilling message. He needed to rush to the nearest emergency room because something terrible had happened to the Prince. The King rapidly grabbed his coat and rode his carriage as fast as his horses would take him. When he arrived, there was tension in the room. Surrounding Prince River there were 20 different medical staff members and officers. The King’s heart was bouncing out of his chest. He ran through the torment of people. It was a miracle! Prince River the Phoenix had beaten death and was fighting to come back to life! Prince River took his second-first breath of life and hung onto his life with everything in his soul. The connection between Prince River and the King grew unconditionally. Prince River had a second chance at life, and nobody would ever come in between them again. Prince River spent the next two weeks in emergency care under surveillance to monitor his health. The doctors, had no hope and they asked the King to give it up too…However, not only was the King completely against giving up on his son he demanded that anyone who did not respect his wishes be banished forever from their Kingdom. The King was adamant about showing Prince River that he was very loved every day. Some time passed before the doctors did some more tests and determined Prince River had brain injuries, he would never be able to wake up from. The King continued to fight each day for the Prince to have a good life. Everyone in the Kingdom began to give up…Until…

PRINCE RIVER OPENED HIS EYES!!!! This was the first sign that gave the Kingdom HOPE! Slowly day by day the Prince began to move his toes, and then his head. This made the King extremely Happy and motivated to continue in his journey. The King reached out to Kingdoms across galaxies in search of answers to make the Prince more comfortable and live a longer life.

And that’s how Glo-Willow was born!

From the Seed of Love, to the tree of Life, and now the flower of Hope Prince River’s story is meant to inspire and bring awareness to other Kingdoms to prevent the same fate of our Prince. Prince River is now 4 years old suffering from Anoxic Brain Injury. Check out for updates directly from the Prince & his entourage.